About ME

I attended Art School in my teens to study Textile Design and Screen Printing. Although I didn't use my Art School training, I have always been interested in art and design. I have attended numerous drawing, life drawing and painting classes over the years. When I moved to London I decided to go back into textiles. I studied Patchwork & Quilting, Embroidery and a Stitched Textile Diploma at East Berkshire College, Windsor. In 2003 I graduated with an H.E. Diploma in Stitched Textiles from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, High Wycombe. Recently I spent a lot of time in Australia and my exhibition work in 2002 was based on my research into Aboriginal Textiles, which took as my subject for my dissertation. The brightness of the colours in Australia I find exciting. I have worked on painted whole cloths using source material from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I have a body of work based on London, featuring the Southbank and the City of London. I have used a visit to Wisley, the Royal Horticulture Society Headquarters in Surrey to explore plants, flowers and ornamental grasses for a new body of work. I use photography, drawings, screen printing, machine stitch and embroidery in my work. I enjoy new challenges and see my work evolving. I have work in private collections in London, America, Australia and France. I take commissions.